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spunkanado (
Fri, 18 Jul 1997 15:32:23 -0400 (EDT)

On Fri, 18 Jul 1997, Joe Barrera wrote:

> You have clearly demonstrated that you do NOT know how to fetch clues
> from the web. Consider the links you found. Did you bother looking at
> ANY of them???

Why yes I did Proffessor. Attned now the course of this searching.

> refers to Joe Barrera as a dead
> cowboy from times gone by. Probably not me.
I will refer you to the following links for your first steps on the path
of getting intouch with your past lives..

> refers to a Joe Barrera Jr., a
> photojournalist for the San Antonio Express-News.

Again, a clear and viable explanation for this cn be found at

> isn't even a valid link.
So by its invalid state I can infer that either the school you went to is
a bit behind the cruve on web sites, or that you have called on various
agencies to cloud your past on the net from nonclassified eyes.

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> and
> refer to an
> endocrinologist Dr. Joe Barrera.

Well, the articles did mention gaseous emitions, so I just infered that it
might be you.

> So I'm a dead cowboy-photojournalist-endocrinologist currently living in
> Texas.
Damn, now thats what I call a cool life.

Yippe Kai Ay click click burp burp

> Good work, Spunkanado.

Glad to be of service.