Unhappy flier

Rohit Khare (khare@mci.net)
Sat, 19 Jul 1997 01:36:27 -0400

I thought I was unhappy on RTW #2 when we were forced to sit by curbside
checkin for an hour with International First Class tickets because their
computer was down -- then rush to the flight (instead of letting us into
the IFC lounge and letting THEM fuck around with their computers)

I thought I was unhappy on RTW #3 when I was involuntarily downgraded
without recompense to middle row coach on my last rtw transcon leg from
three-class First.

I thought I was unhappy when, in a bid to rebalance the miles I had to
spend to get us out of the very first jam, I asked Adam to gift me an
upgrade, for which the 1) moved his address to Baltimore 2) sent out the
wrong upgrade, useless 3) canceled his e-tickets since his other flights
didn't begin in Baltimore 4) still haven't fixed it two months later. THis
is AFTER careful warnings to the entire staff not to fuck with his
permanent address.

Today, they dumped my confirmed 1k FC seat to some 12-year old kid by a
margin of 30 seconds in a bid for on-time departure -- which they flubbed
by TWENTY minutes because they couldn't hold one seat. Then we sat ON THE
GROUND for TWO HOURS. All of which in exchange, again, for nothing, nada.

Not even, for that matter, my meal. My confirmed FC seat has an FC seafood
meal, which they won't serve back in coach (and of course, have no coach

As much fun as it's been to be a frequent flier, the next time I go back
into that world, after my degree, it won't be United, at this rate.

Do they have any idea that they're losing a cool million bucks of my
lifetime travel, to say nothing of the potential budgets I might manage? To
give my seat to a snotty twelve year old? To reward twenty five thousand
dollars of international business class travel with zero upgrades ("oh you
bought tickets from United? We only distribute intl upgrades through travel

In the proper mood for FoRKcon I,
Rohit Khare

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