Hancock on Apple.

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> Q Do you have a vision of what Apple might look like a year from now?
> A At this point, that's very hard to speculate. I would hope that it
>continues to focus on software,
> because I think they neglected the software for too many years. I hope
>they focus on their two key
> markets, publishing and education. I would like to see it become less of
>a hardware company. I would
> like to see it focused on applications and solutions vs. so much of the
>bias toward the hardware.

I just don't get this. Microsofts business model is based largely on sales
of Office. I believe the OS market is only about 15% of their totale
revenue. Now considering Ms ships on every Intel box in the WORLD, and
Apple ships on what, 4 or 5 boxes how the hell does anybody expect to see
Apple survive?

Example: Apple with all it's ass kicking is going to do just under what
Nike is doing. Apple is bigger than Sun, Sgi, DEC, etc (gross dollars, not
profit) How is Apple going to get to be a $8 billion dollar a year company
on software that sells for $100 - $300 dollars? And Claris isn't going to
buoy up Apple like office does for Ms with Filemaker/HomePage/Works.



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