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Dan Kohn (
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 08:32:08 -0700

This order is NOT correct. On the final page, the shipping zip code
should have been 29482, not 98033. 98033 is the billing zip code. I
entered this correctly but you have an error in your checkout scripts
which appear appears to replace the shipping zip code with billing zip

Further, your DellWare catalog has a ways to go in ease of use of
on-line shopping. It does not seem unreasonable that if I am going to
be spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on your online catalog,
that you could offer more than a one-line description of the product. I
understand that you are one of the pioneers of online commerce and have
been working on improving the shopping experience when buying a full
bundled computer. But when buying a monitor or keyboard, it would be
nice to get more than just a list of the 70 items you have available
without any descriptive information to make an informed purchase. Since
your telephone salespeople have been trained to provide more helpful
purchasing suggestions, I assume you have the information necessary to
allow an informed online purchase, and I hope you will be adding this
sort of functionality soon.

In the meantime, please call me at 425-602-6222 to confirm that you have
the correct shipping information on this order.

- dan

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>-----Original Message----- >From: [] >Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 1997 8:20 AM >To: Dan Kohn >Subject: Your Dellware Online Order > >Thank you for your internet DellWare order. > > >A Dell Sales representative will send an official confirmation with your >ORDER NUMBER within one business day. > > > >Thank you again for your order. > > > > >Sincerely, > >Dell Online Sales > > > >---------------------------------------------------------------------- > Order Detail >---------------------------------------------------------------------- >Qty SKU Product Description Price >---------------------------------------------------------------------- >1 52339-23 MAG 710V2 (16.1 VIS) $499.00 >---------------------------------------------------------------------- >1 88211-35 CLASSIC 104-KEY LAYOUT WIN 95 $28.00 >---------------------------------------------------------------------- >Subtotal = $527.00 >Shipping = $59.46 > > TOTAL = $586.46 >Applicable Taxes not included. >