Internet Museum of Pornography

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Wed, 23 Jul 1997 03:39:10 -0400

Welcome to the Internet Museum of Pornography

The Internet museum of Pornography is a site dedicated to pornography and
erotica through the ages - the primitive scratchings on cave walls of the
prehistoric period ~ the excesses of the greek city states and the roman
empire ~ the perversities of De Sade and his illustrators ~ the decadence
of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries ~ the innocence of the early
photographers ~ right up to the explosion of the sixties and seventies=A0as
technology and free thinking combined to produce material stunning in both
its content and presentation.The story of humankind=92s exploration of its
erotic nature is told in images and text, including many rarely seen
historical pictures, presented for both education and entertainment in a
web site optimised for fast download and ease of navigation.

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