PEP for the Home

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Wed, 23 Jul 1997 04:06:59 -0400

[I been readin' up on the latest in office furniture. See the TAZ at, better yet their 'concept offices'... Below was from
an industry trade rag]

PEP stands for "Personal Efficiency Program", and is the foundation for an
existing consultancy practice that works with corporations to help
employees manage their information -- and therefore their time --
efficiently and effectively. There are consultants who will come to your
house to reorganize your closet.
=A0We need trained people offering PEP-like services to come to our homes an=
help us organize the information in our home offices and how we use time

[Franklin Becker, Ph.D., is a professor and Director of the International
Workplace Studies Program (IWSP) at Cornell University. He is also a
founding partner in the @ WORK Consulting Group, a management consulting
firm specializing in helping plan, design, and manage integrated workplace

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