Help Save Microsoft with Windows!!!

Joe Barrera (
Thu, 24 Jul 1997 01:54:54 -0700

In the history of FoRK, I've never asked every subscriber to do
something (that wasn't anatomically impossible). I would like to break
this tradition.

As you know, Microsoft is under attack from all sides. Sun, Novell,
Oracle, SGI, and a host of other computer companies have targeted
Microsoft as their primary enemy. Java and the Network Computer are the
weapons aimed at Microsoft to undermine its bread-and-butter OS market.
The hard-working and basically pretty decent folks at Microsoft are
starting to feel, well, kind of put-upon. Sure, watching the stock price
helps a little, but it's still hard when you feel like the whole world
hates you.

Microsoft needs your support. It needs to know that you still believe
that it deserves its leadership position in shipping operating systems
uniquely suited to the PC environment. To this end, I ask that each of
you purchase as many copies of Windows as possible. If you can only
afford a single copy of Windows 95, that's okay - you will still send a
much-needed message of support. But please consider buying Windows NT
with at least a 10-seat license. More seats, of course, would be better.
To really show your support, consider buying several copies of Windows
NT Enterprise Edition.

For the next two months, you can order these products by sending money
orders to:

Joseph S. Barrera III
2760 Muirfield Circle
San Bruno, CA 94066

You'll receive your CDs within a week of payment (or possibly longer if
someone else is hogging the CD burner).

Thank you for your support,

- Joe

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