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>Subject: Questions about life on Mars
>Date: Thu, 24 Jul 1997 10:26:06 -0000
>What are the chances that ordinary people can go to visit Mars?
>I heard that there are plans that for the next century maybe humans can get
>to life in Mars, Is that true? And how would they live there?
>I'm very curious about this topic and I'll appreciate a prompt answer
> Thank you very much.

Yes Ana Maria, it is possible for humans to live on Mars. However
conditions there are very very diffucult. It is therefore imperative that
you reply with the following information to see if you qualify for a trip
to Mars.

Height: 5-4 - 5-11
Weight: 110 - 135
Age: 18 - 28
Hair Long: (reasons for this will be made available to you later)
Very Attractive: (again the reasons for this are on a need to know basis)

If you feel you qualify for an exciting trip to the Martian soil please
contact me, CobraBoy for an in depth analysis of your total potential. As
always all aspects of your pre-trip orientation are shared with my colleges
for analysis here on FoRK.

Remember our motto, "we like 'em tamed and trained."



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