Here's one for Dr. Ernie

CobraBoy! (
Fri, 25 Jul 1997 08:09:10 -0700

"Supercomputer" update

An Apple source directly responsible for the Apple computer
doing 6.5mkeys/second in the RC5
encryption contest has informed us that it is indeed an Apple
Network Server 700/200MP running

The source notes that AIX gets similar speeds on hardware as
Rhapsody, so Rhapsody machines
with dual 604e/200's may see similar performance! This
compares to a dual 604e/200 getting only
1mkey/second under the Mac OS; the source says "People will
really be blown away when they see
how fast Rhapsody really is."


Are you really going to let them compare AIX to OpenStep?



... at least you can drive something fast, arm your-
self with powerful tools, and look good doing it.
- Preview Release of the Be Operating System

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