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Joe Barrera (
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Boy, that was really pretty amazingly funny.

Here are some more hilarious jokes about Microsoft, from Last man on earth
without Windows 95 Windows TP If Microsoft built cars... Toys for big boys On the 12th day of
Christmas my vendor gave to me Year-M The National Anthem of
Windows Nation Bill Gates dies and
fronts up to the pearly gates Microsoft Tester Dies
Tragically At Hands of "PAL" Toys for big boys Windows 95 Will Have The
Coolest Users Ever Bill's Credit Card
Application Bill Gates Microsoft
Windows 95 infomercial drinking game Microsoft Goofed Jesus v's Windows 95 Joe-Bob Software Letters from Billy... Lightbulb jokes Litigation '95 Will Windows 95 Live
Long and Phosphor ? If Microsoft built cars Microsoft the Next
Generations Novell admits aiding
Microsoft O great Oracle... Microsoft Panhandler
v1.0 Microsoft Renames Windows
95 Appropriate Songs for
Windows 95 Source Code for Windows
3.11 Source Code for Windows
95 Windows may steal the
cat Windows 95 Stuns World Thus spake Gates Microsoft Buys Vatican What 95 Stands For Windows TP Last man on earth
without Windows 95 The Coming of Word 6.6.6

If you find any more really funny Windows 95 jokes, especially ones that
have been forwarded a lot, PLEASE post them here. I really just can't
think of a more appropriate forum.

- Joe (Why the hell do I have to do Tim's job?) Barrera

PS. At least you know what SRL is - that's good.

PS. Have you explained to us why you would move out of a house of six

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