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Sun, 27 Jul 1997 10:55:34 -0700

Stephen Petschulat around 10:38 AM -0700 on 7/27/97, brainstormed and came
up with this:

> > 5) Canadians are worthless. Their culture has given the world nothing. Ever
> > eat Canadian cooking? Wear Canadian fashion? etc.
> Nothing like American culture (sic) though! Americans may have given alot of
> culture (read: cultural imperialism) to the world, but have they ever given
> anything of value? Nothing like big, fat mother America ramming apple pie
> the throats of all of those other 'poor, deprived, ass-backward' countries,
> <mandatory eh>eh</mandatory eh>? After all America knows best for everyone.

I love Caniadians. To be so close, yet so very far away.

Just a few examples of valueless American culture.

Music (form Jazz and blues to rock to Cajun)
Art (From Warhol to Chris Burden)
Sports (from Skateboarding to Football)
Fast Food (From Mickey D's to Puck's Pizza)

I could go on but the list is way too long...

> Hmm.. there are a lot of parallels with Microsoft and the US. Microsoft
>is to
> the computing world what the US is to the world - the evil empire.

It is so funny to listen to this. How America is perceived as this
Imperialistic empire when in fact we are the only major country that is
pretty backwards in our imperialism. We have never really set out to
conquer any foreign lands. But of course you knew that already didn't you.

> BTW, slagging a Canadian's culture isn't the way to tick us off - we
> don't care :-). I just happen to be reading a bunch on cultural imperialism,
> etc. Fun stuff.

Hey if the truth hurts, I'm sorry...



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