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On Sunday, July 27, CobraBoy! <> wrote:

>It is so funny to listen to this. How America is perceived as this
>Imperialistic empire when in fact we are the only major country that is
>pretty backwards in our imperialism. We have never really set out to
>conquer any foreign lands. But of course you knew that already didn't you.

Actually, the war of 1812 with Britain was largely fought to stop us
from conquering Canada. It was a tie, in that we got to keep our
independence, but we didn't get Canada (thank God for that).

BTW, I believe it was John Major who was quoted last year as saying that
US-British relations were at the lowest point since the American
Revolution. Was he including the War of 1812, when the British sailed
up the Potomac and burned down the White House?

- dan

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