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I'd say very definitely FoRK-worthy. There's certainly a man-bites-dog
quality to being *fired* from Microsoft...

Where's the NTK link?

I feel very bad for him that his family left him. This is part of the
reason I get angry when people attribute Microsoft's success to
"marketing". I think the real key to its success is the unbelievable and
often self-destructive dedication that its employees have, even
employees that are worth millions from the options.

BTW note that St. John was fired "roughly four years and six months
after joining the collective." Four years and six months just happens to
be how long it takes to vest all options granted on employment. He
undoubtedly had been planning to send mail that would get him fired for
quite a while.

- Joe

PS. Hope you don't mind my forwarding this directly to FoRK & fixing a
couple typos.

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Here's a lead:

the writer is ms games evangelist (former), who was profiled in Original pointer from NTK, via TBTF..

perhapsa forkworthy? post