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Jim Whitehead around 1:11 PM -0700 on 7/30/97, brainstormed and came up
with this:

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> >
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> > yet another nail on Moto's coffin.
> Oh come on. Sales of PPC chips to run the Be Os are a speck of dust on the
> arse of an elephant.

I'd like to have a snappy come back to that, but the word arse has always
thrown me.

> > remember CobraBoy! predicts PPC production will be a memory by 2k.
> Could be, but this will be directly related to whether my prediction of the
> Apple logo appearing on PC Clones by Y2K also comes true, and will have
> absolutely no correlation to the failure or success of Be.

Apple has nothing to do with it. There is right now no compelling reason to
buy Moto technology other than Mac OS. And with OpenStep there is no
compelling reason. Mac Software developers are dropping like flies, making
the reasons to support Moto binaries non existant.

> Can anybody tell me what is the compelling reason for an end-user to switch
> to Be, or buy an extra machine to run Be? Does it do word processing,
> spreadsheets, or email dramatically better? Even with Be OS being given
> away for free, why should I take a perfectly working machine, futz with the
> hard disk to add a new partition, and run a different operating system? I
> know that doing this will cost me at least a day, perhaps more, to
> reconfigure my machine. After I do this, I know I'll have to learn a new
> UI, and a new operating system. I'll probably also have to configure the
> new OS, costing more time. What capabilities are there in Be OS which
> would repay me for this time investment? And is my time better spent doing
> this, or reading a good book?
> The answer is, if your *hobby* is playing with new, cool operating systems,
> then Be is a must. But a hobby OS is never going to have significant
> market share, IMHO.

Like the 3+ million Linux users?



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