Adam -> NYC.

I Find Karma (
Thu, 31 Jul 97 07:09:51 PDT

Well, I'm 770 emails behind, so now is as good a time as any
to hop on a plane to NYC. I'll be back in Pasadena on Monday.
I plan to stay in California for the rest of August, deitywilling.

Before I go, some random post-its:

1. Book recommendation: Charles van Doren, _The History of
Knowledge_, Ballatine Books, 1991. Basically chronicles everything
humans have known since the beginning of recorded history in one
softbound 600 page volume. :) Donald Dabdub was reading this in
Maui, and now I'm hooked...

2. New FoRK-member-to-be: Steven Leif,
He actually reads all of the posts -- just via the web instead
of his inbox. So I suggested to him that he just join FoRK.
Rohit, remember, we went out with him and Susan last year in
Little Italy that night we stayed at the Waldorf=Astoria?
Steve, I'll be calling you tomorrow from Connecticut...

3. I'm 27, and have been carless for all but 2 of my 11 car-aged
years. I just got a car, a 1993 Nissan Sentra. How did I *ever*
live without a car? Now, whenever I want something, I just go get
it. Before, there would be elaborate schemes to get someone to drive
me, or plan to stop somewhere on the way to somewhere else.

4. I'm reading J.C.Herz' _Joystick Nation_ and enjoying it.
Will post a review when I'm done. (And no, JoeB, I haven't forgotten
to read Infinite Jest -- it's on my queue along with a hundred others! :)

5. Duck, I'll be calling U2 when I get to NYC. My plans are to
see Miss Saigon on Fri night and the Yankee game on Saturday at 4;
otherwise I'm free if you wanna get together. I think my sister is
coming with me down to NYC too; you'd like her, she takes shit from no one.

6. CD recommendation (heavy metal junkees only, which excludes everyone
from the list except RobH, Tim, and possibly JoeB): the latest Megadeth
album _Cryptic Writings_ is their best work yet. I like this album more
with every listen.

7. CD recommendation (oldie but goodie): I recently bought the soundtrack
to the movie Swingers and it is really excellent. A fine addition to anyone's
CD collection...

8. Eric, if you're around and available, let's get together in New
Haven. I'm buying! Leave me a message at (203) 762-2676.......

And with that, I'm off to catch a plane. Rohit, I'll page you for possible
Manhattan rendezvous...


Cyberspace is an illusion, virtual reality is not reality, instantaneous
communication with bodies huddled over computer screens is not
communication. It's funny how many people have swallowed the WWW bait.
People itch to go home and log on to the WWW.
-- The Raven, Anarchist Quarterly, Vol. 8, no 4. ISSN 0951 4066