Microsoft employee produces product infected by virus

Gordon Irlam (
Mon, 4 Aug 1997 14:20:02 -0700 (PDT)

Barbara started breaking out in spots last night. She had it
confirmed by a doctor this morning.

Anyone else who attended ForkCon'96 had better watch out. The
normal incubation period for Chicken Pox is 14-17 days. Today
is day 16.

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I knew we should have stayed away... The number of times I have
lectured people about the evils and danger of Microsoft products.
The risk of catching a virus is just too great. Alas, the product
of one of Bill Gates evil henchmen ran loose that evening in an
insecure environment, and thus the damage was done. Apparently
a Microsoft employee did issue a warning statement, but as might
be expected we did not receive it until it was too late...