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[IMHO: I think FF loyalty is least important to the "traditional" FFs who
have to fly anyway. FFPs have created a *new* market of "invented" FFs who
have invested in *more* travel because FFPs exist -- smaller and separate
from the mainstream which Power found. OTOH, this small market is *all*
*gravy*: more new profits. --RK]

Who Are They Talking To?
We love looking at survey results, especially when they don't come anywhere
close to the comments and opinions we get from the readers of InsideFlyer.
For example, the latest J.D. Powers and Frequent Flyer magazine survey on
the level of satisfaction frequent flyers have with domestic airlines,
including the relative weight of importance. Here's what they say you said:
on-time performance (22%), airport check-in (15%), schedule (15%), seating
comfort (12%), gate location (9%), aircraft interior (7%), flight
attendants (6%), food service (5%), postflight services (5%) and frequent
flyer programs (4%). What's scary is that they say they asked over 7,000
"frequent flyers" who determined that frequent flyer programs were the
least important of these factors. And the search for intelligent life

Here's the Deal
Our friends at Hotel Reservations Network (HRN) have put miles back into
the hotel business. Through the rest of 1997, travelers booking three or
more nights with HRN will receive 1,000 miles instead of 500 miles on
Delta, Northwest, US Airways and Continental. Remember, this is a bonus
from HRN, not the airlines, so think of this as a secret double dip. You
can get more details and the miles by calling 800/964-6835. HRN specializes
in discount hotel accommodations in major cities in the United States and
now Paris and London.

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