The Last Temptation of Jobs

spunkanado (
Tue, 5 Aug 1997 19:25:45 -0400 (EDT)

The faithfull gather round the summit, the hecklers gather rocks and the
officals wait about while thier chosen saviour makes his way up to the
appointed place.Where is all this happening? Gull Gotha? The Guilluteine?
A WhiteWater Hearing?

No, its Boston where Macworld will kick in tomorrow, and after the last
few weeks of battling media and rumor mill hammering I am expecting at
least three major shakedowns from the first two speakers.

The Son of J*v*h* erhm Steve Jobs will be first up at bat. Im sure he will
enter on a cloud of multimedia thronged cherubs with a soundtrack specaily
crafted by John Williams. The smile will come out and dimes to donuts
ceasar will have thrice renounce the crown only to waer it at the end of
the feastivites. As with ceasar and jesus he is going to bring about
himselve his allies, new and old. I expect to see the hand picking of the
disiples and the lesser court.

The Ellison thing bother me for many reasons, chief of which is just
feels plain wrong. Ellison is nuttier than one of Stves other biz
associates of your, Ross Perot. I dont think Steve is wil be able to deal
with an ego as big, if not bigger, than his own. Ellison is going to see
Apple as his own little hardware pet. If Steve is still half the old Steve
he was back in the old days this is going to cause major fighting, a few
realy juicy books a year or two from now and possible a megacrackling
breakup. Or it could make an useable, inexpensive and nifty NC with an
apple logo on it.

One of the big thunderbolts that could come from Jesus Jobs is the fate of
the cloners. Yea tim, your right that cloners dont have an agrement with
apple, and thats the problem. Without the ability to get the new cloned
product out to extend the failing Apple line Apple is gonna loose out. I
under stand why Jesus Jobs dosent want then to have it . Go back to your
history, Stev never ever ever ever wanted ANYONE else making apple
hardware that realy mattered. Periphs, maybe. The actual computers? NO
FUCKING WAY. What we are seeing is the old steve versus the new steve, the
jesus jobs of the body struggling with the jesus jobs of the spirit.

Steves Speach is gonna make and break some hearts around the Apple
community, that is for sure. Im just hoping inthe long run he makes mor
ethan he breaks.

Guys speach is scheduled to go on a bit after the cherub and holy riders
have parted the boston area. Guys gota a tough job,he may just wish he
took my avice on the Home Shoping Network thing after he is done with it.
In the last weeks many of the loyal followers and shareholders have been
soured on Apples path to redemtion. A pool taken over on the RFI site
showed that if a vote had taken place by the shareholders as to wether or
not to turn over the BofD, they would be looking for other places to get
free soda.

Thru all the crap that Apples been thru in the last few years there has
alweays been a groundswell of hop surrounding thier every mopve. Folks
like Void and Drow and countless others have been at the ready to get
Apples rebirth up and out to the world. But in the past few weeks it seems
as if things have been turning. even the diehards are begining to wonder
just how much of thier loyality will be weighed in Jesus Jobs descision
making. Im hoping hes listening, i realy am. I would hate to think of a
world where Drow had to hate Apple.

For all this I have just one request, one small plea that might just be
profitable. Bring back the Apple ][. Its gota be dirt cheap to make these
days, and think ofthe marketing you can do with it. But thats just me, My
whole hope for Apple is that I can get a decent machine to play
Swashbuckler on other than my emulatiors.