More Apple Bits

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Wed, 6 Aug 1997 17:26:37 -0400 (EDT)

CUPERTINO, Calif., Aug. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Confirming its status as an
independent entity, Newton, Inc. today unveiled an exciting, new "look."
The new company logo will be shown to MacWorld Boston attendees by Newton,
Inc. Chief Operating Officer Sandy Benett who is speaking at the
In a separate move which will physically distance the company from Apple,
Newton, Inc. staff are relocating. In the fall, Newton, Inc. employees
worldwide will be moving into new headquarters. The company's global
headquarters will be based in Santa Clara, Calif. and there will be new
European offices in the U.K. and Germany.
PALO ALTO, Calif. - Apple Computer's chief scientist and vice president of
advanced technology Lawrence Tesler has left the company to head a new
startup marketing children's software,
his offices said.
Tesler, who helped lead Apple's technical direction during a difficult
turnaround effort at Apple, departed on Thursday last week, according to
his office at Apple.

PC Gaming on the Mac
6th August - DNWire -- Insignia has announced RealPC, a version of its
SoftWindows PC emulator software, that has been designed to run PC action
Insignia's RealPC for Power Macintosh offers full support for Joysticks,
Sound Blaster Pro and Sound Blaster16. It incorporates Intel's Pentium MMX
instruction set and boasts fast floating point processing and fast VESA
RealPC will ship in late summer for around $79 in the US. Users who
install a Windows OS can benefit from Microsoft's DirectX gaming APIs.

Microsoft to pay patent fee to Apple
BOSTON, Aug 6, Reuter - Apple Computer Inc chief financial officer Fred
Anderson said that Microsoft Corp will pay Apple a non-disclosed sum, in
addition to its previously-announced $150 million investment, as part of
its sweeping patent cross-licensing agreement with Apple.
Anderson said that under terms of the agreement he could not be more
specific about the amount, which is in addition to the $150 million
Microsoft will spend to purchase preferred non-voting Apple shares.
Anderson said Apple will not recognize the entire payment in one quarter,
but will spread out the cash payment as income over a few years.
``The payment is one way,'' Anderson told reporters at a press conference
concerning its deal with Microsoft. ``We have a license to their patent
portfolio and they have a license to our patent portfolio,'' he said.