Brother Bill on MS/NeXT-Apple

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Wed, 6 Aug 1997 20:59:14 -0700

Q: Mr. President, in light of the new alliance
between Apple
and Microsoft that was announced today, I
wondered if you
could tell us if you're troubled at all by the
growth of the Microsoft Corporation and if you
or your
administration is considering putting any
limits on that
growth - and if not, how this is different from
oil and steel
and the railroads in the early parts of the

Clinton: Well, first of all, this - I can't
comment on this
particular announcement today because it just
today and its economic effects under our laws
have to be
analyzed. But there - as you know, Microsoft
has been
involved in the last - since I've been
president in various
legal issues relating to its organization and
operations. And I
think - all I can tell you is we will treat
them in the same
way we would anyone else and make the analysis
of law that
seems appropriate, and the Justice Department -
I have to
wait to hear from them about whether there are any
antitrust implications to this.


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