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Thu, 7 Aug 1997 11:48:19 -0700

spunkanado around 11:36 AM -0700 on 8/7/97, brainstormed and came up with

> But some analysts still see big risks. Apples market share, now at 3.5
> percent, is well off its high of 12.1 percent in 1993, according to
> Computer Intelligence. The critical new OS is not yet a reality, and Apple
> still has three vacancies on its board, and no chairman or CEO.

these figures remind me of the Mel Gibson line in Tequila Sunrise, Mel a
drug dealer trying to go straight watches a drug bust on TV where the
reported "street" value is $100 million (or whatever it was) and says,
"yeah, which street is that?"

Apple's market share in publishing is 80%, desktop video is probably close
to that, graphics is probably 70%, film industry is close to that also. I
once was asked to leave (jokingly) by the asst dir of a movie for
mentioning Win'95.

Overall maybe it is 3.5% But as we all know, when did the 97? (+ or - .5)
ever matter?



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