RE: cool gear

Ron Resnick (
Thu, 07 Aug 1997 22:38:52 +0300

At 12:00 PM 8/7/97 -0700, CobraBoy! wrote:
>Jim Whitehead around 11:46 AM -0700 on 8/7/97, brainstormed and came up
>with this:
>> CobrayBoy says, "I have some cool bits, but I'm not going to give you any
>>context for why you should read them."
>> I say, "Buh-bye."
>> - Jim
>you know what? how fuckin' stupid are you? do you know how to read a URL?

Huh. Tim calls Jim 'fuckin' stupid'. The best quote out of all my fan mail
following my last traipse into this subject was:

"some guys need a penis car, but very few need to name themselves after one."

Now, for the mentally deficient, let's painfully spell this out.
Tim! What's not to get? 'penis car' get it? As in *penis* *car*. Like yours.
'Name' get it? As in *N*A*M*E. As in yours. Aw hell. What's the point.

btw, my fan mail ran decidedly into the 'in favour' category.

Go Koan yourself on the head, Ernie. There's no enlightenment in this crap
and you know it. Tim can call people fuckin stupid, but no koans are
Someone else tells it like it is, and we gotta call the local cop/chaplain
out to
keep the peace. Go stick a fork in it, furshur.