Call me crazy, but I'm actually starting to like Spunkando.

I Find Karma (
Thu, 7 Aug 97 12:38:35 PDT

I went back through some of his previous posts. Theyre not works
of art, but they're not nearly so dreadful as Ron suggests. I say
we keep him and do not change policy at all.

Anyone who wants to unsub can just read the archives on the web.

> From Mon Aug 4 13:46:09 1997
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> Subject: Spunky Bits Revistited
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> Some one named Ron Resnick ( wrote:
> >The day Spunky joined a few weeks ago was such a spasm. It was probably
> >the low point of FoRK in all its history to date.
> For what its worth in centiclueons, this list has some great writers,
> thinkers and ,almost as important as the first two types, great
> humorists. What weak spots there are can more than be made up for by the
> brillance of the illustrious forkers.
> It also has a great archive on the web. Handy when you need to go back and
> check out the validity of some of the claims and threads that get tossed
> about here.
> I am glad to have served the list in its drakest hour, and hope in the
> furture smtping to come to march onward towards the greater glory and
> enlightenment of Fork.
> (ernest's koan alone were well worth a day of clueons)