Re: Choosing a domain name

I Find Karma (
Thu, 7 Aug 97 12:47:21 PDT

Ernie was asking about picking a domain name, and I know Rohit's
been giving the issue some thought in the past year as well.

My advice: go to the island of Tonga. Beautiful, exotic, and in
the South Pacific. Of course, that's not where its Internet feed
lives; its T3 lines stem from the single Tonga consulate in America,
in San Francisco.

The island of Tonga registers domain names for $100 and they have
LOTS of real estate open as long as you don't want


and so I suggest you look into it a the Tongan Network Information

I can see the domain names now: , , , , , and the ever-wizard-of-oz-sounding ....


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