Greetings all around

Darren Gibbons (
Thu, 7 Aug 1997 14:21:06 -0700

Alright, to prevent being berated for my lack of an introduction, here's
some info on myself:

Personal home page: ??? Well, there is one that I created back in '93, but
it's definitely lacking. This was in the NN 1.0 beta days, and you'll
notice my cutting-edge use of the width attribute on the <hr> tag.
Luckily, my skills have improved since those halcyon days...

Relationship to Stephen Petschulat: Well, I think "relationship" would be a
bit strong. We both started OpenRoad out of the Physics labs at SFU, and
life has been entertaining ever since.

Quality bits: This is an interesting site I ran across a while back - It's
a collection of propaganda art, circa WWII, hosted at the National Archives
and Records Administration. Features the classic "We can do it!" as well
as my personal favorite - "When you ride alone, you ride with Hitler".
Check it out:


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