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> But at what cost?

Umm, yeah, what cost? What exactly does Apple lose from this deal?

We get $150 M invested (non-voting), another $100 M in payments (if you
believe the WSJ), MSIE and MS Office ported, and access to any MS patents
over the next five years.

In exchange, we promise not to sue them if they use any stuff we've
patented over the last five years.

Am I missing something?

These fears sound like those that Ellison will "use Apple" to fulfill his
goals. For heaven's sake, he's only a board member, and while he has a
big mouth nobody at Apple will listen to him unless Steve endorses Larry's
opinion (and maybe not even then).

-- Ernie P.

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On Thu, 7 Aug 1997, spunkanado wrote:

> Now the Applesoft deal is not like this little scenerio much at all, but

> its been a long day and its all i could come up with, so shadaup.

It's more like Steve was offered a finger, not a rope, and the guy at the

other end of it was screaming, "Pull it, pull it!".

I think we all know how that scenarios plays out. 8-(

> Jobs did good on this one, better than anyone would have guessed who wasnt

> sitting on an inside track. For the last 12 years Apple has been on the

> long ride down the poopey shoots from its perch on geekolypia. Now maybe

> the cycle can finaly get back on the upslide.

But at what cost?



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