ADD &c [RE: Flamewar (was Re: First Post...)]

Joe Barrera (
Fri, 8 Aug 1997 08:28:34 -0700

> [Adam]
> I think the real reason we flip around from topic to topic is
> 1. We have many different interests.
> 2. We believe in the interconnectedness of all things.
> 3. We have, as a community, a serious attention deficit disorder.

Some of us have ADD, some of us are bipolar, and the rest of us are just
undiagnosed :-)

>> And by Tim postings that contain a single URL and no more.

> Think of them as a challenge.
> For some, the challenge is to figure out their meaning.
> For others, the challenge is in how fast you can hit the delete key.

And for yet others, the meta-challenge is to see how fast you can
determine which of these two challenges a particular post presents.

> We're just jealous because Canada has all of the amenities of America
> without any of the 23,000 annual murders, and none of the stupidity.

Many motives underlie the Canada bashing. For me, it's mostly to parody
more serious nation-bashing. It's sort of like telling your identical
twin how ugly he is. It wouldn't be a parody if the separation between
Canada and the US weren't such a clear reminder of how arbitrary
national boundaries can be. The Midwest US is a lot more like Midwest
Canada than southern California.

And damnit I REALLY miss watching "North of 60". I'm probably going to
end up buying a big dish just to watch it.

> With FoRK, I have a blanket that says I can post anything that I think
> is interesting. On dist-obj, I have an obligation to post only what I
> think others will think is interesting. See the distinction?

Amen. So I can post about Avital Ronell, IMSAI capacitors, the Salton
Sea, using the web to read trig tables (using zillions more instructions
then just running "calc" or "xcalc" !!!!), etc.

It's a pot-luck where it's okay if no one likes my turnip-sushi-kabobs
or your watermelon-and-escargot sandwiches. If I occasionally introduce
someone else to a great taste-treat, it makes up for the rest.

- Joe

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