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CobraBoy! (
Fri, 8 Aug 1997 08:39:18 -0700

I'm going to make this as brief as possible.

Ron, Joe, and Jim are assholes.

(We'll call them the 3-a's from now on.) If the 3-a's have set about to
shut down FoRK by attacking me they've done a pretty good job of it. But
then again assholes tend to have a backwards way of doing things.

One of the reasons I prefer FoRK over things like VAL is that FoRK always
meant that you could excel, or trip, yet do so in a community of support by
others that *you* respected. I guess it's the fact that I went to art
school and not a technical school. I don't find flak productive. Everybody
misfires. Everybody. Everybody has the ability to create. Creation exists
by trying things with the confidence that you can achieve something. In the
3-a's world you shouldn't try, or exist out side of a very well formed

FoRK post's to me are always an adventure. FoRK posts are not supposed to
be the electronic equivalent of the office memo. In the 3-a's world
anything other than the office memo in outline form is unacceptable. Of
course I could post boring descriptive titles, and outline and note every
post relating to object based development, but for me that is anti the
purpose of the URL based Internet.

The URL hypertext system excels for me for two reasons. Stop the needless
duplicity of information, and allow pure information unaltered by others
personal editorial licence to distort information. So to me, following that
yellow brick link leads you somewhere, untouched by others.

The 3-a's by attacking me, which as Adam points out is like trying to teach
a pig to play Hamlet, is useless. If you ever went to my web page you would
see that I find a great metaphor for life in a pig. Call it generation
swine if you must. Critique proves valuable. Assholes prove nothing. To
paraphrase Erik Sate "does the fox analyse the rabbit before eating him? Or
does the fox understand the rabbit is his sustenance and eats only to eat

As a wrap up I'll address a few items of personal attack so the 3-a's don't
think I'm cowering from your incredibly insightful and well thought out
attack on me.

1) hardware. FoRK has always been a form to discuss the "mine's faster than
yours." Of course the clear winner is Rob with his Alpha, but at this point
I'm only 200 mhz and 128 megs of RAM behind. Also, there are people on here
that might be interested in real bench marks. A PPC 200 604e SpecBench 95
at 9, so based on my bench marks you can extrapolate the PPC 300 G3 or
whatever this chip is called.

2) I haven't written a Linux driver. No Ron I haven't. But my work is seen
every day by over 200 million people. And probably closed to a billion if
you count all the rip offs of that work. How many people have seen the
direct result of your work? I am responsible for products that have
significantly changed two industries. How many industries have you even
steered in a slightly different direction?

3) I live in OC. I live in Huntingtion Beach. Orange County is Irvine,
Newport, Mission Vieho. (Sp) HB is located in OC but is not OC.

4) My penis car. Funny I didn't know there were such homophobes existing
on the list. As far as that goes, my handle was a nick name given to me by
a girl named Shane (yes that one) that I was seeing at the time. Tim Byars
is who the phone company sends a bill to. CobraBoy is me, here. I don't
have a small dick, and don't need a car to get laid.



If you can get someone who's smart enough to help you,
sometimes you put up with some of their idiocyncracies. - Gil Amelio

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