Re: What's in a name?

Steve Nordquist (
Sat, 27 Jun 1998 16:07:31 -0500

> > The Wall St. Journal reported yesterday that Microsoft doesn't own the trademark "Internet Explorer." SyNet
> Inc. apparently owns it with Microsoft now claiming that the term is a "generic description" of a web browser.
> Ok, so I'm confused. Internet Explorer is a generic description, but Windows isn't?

YES TIM. IT WAS ALL A DREAM. (You're really aboard the SDF-1, around
Jupiter, with a bandage over your head (yet, perfect hair; the bridge bunnies
are coming to visit .))

Microsoft is still the geeky little ramshackle company where Paul Allen is busy
doing the books, yet they just can't make a decent buck pushing their CORBA
application domains or trying to buy out Bjarne Strousup. OS/2 5 is gonna crush
them if they don't get federal assistance.