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CobraBoy! (
Sat, 27 Jun 1998 16:57:56 -0700 at precisely 2:29 PM -0700 on 6/27/98, grouped some
electrons into this:

> Hi, I have been looking for a PB100 for a very long time. Well I know this
> sounds stupid, but I am only 14 years old, and for the longest time I have
> wanted my very own laptop, or computer. My dad has a PC, and I hate it,
>all of
> my friends have computers, and I just really always wanted one. So I was
> wondering if at possible there is anything that you would want like my Comic
> books that mean a lot to me, for the computer. Please Please anything else
> that you would want I will give up with out a second thought.
> -David

Well I e-mailed little David and told him to plead his case to the members
of FoRK. So we get the exact same message posted to FoRK as I received in
private e-mail.

I'm betting it's a cop.

Bzzzzt. You lose.



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