Re: F1 results?

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Mon, 29 Jun 1998 08:05:14 -0700

At 7:44 AM -0700 6/29/98, Joachim Feise came up with this:

> > >
> > > Soccer Worldcup take precendence over F1.
> > > France and Denmark advanced today.
> >
> > Oh yes, Soccer. About as exciting as Seniors Pro Golf.
> I could say the same for baseball...
> You won't understand unless you grew up in Europe.

For the record;

Baseball sucks
Football except for the playoffs and SuperBowl sucks
Same for Basketball
All College sports suck
Hockey is Ok, but L.A. is not a hockey town
Tennis mostly sucks (except for the womans if a babe is playing)
Same for figure skating
Golf actually is pretty good if you have a hangover

So what do we have left?

F1 and ProWrestling Rule!



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