The Cost of Living in the Bay Area
Tue, 30 Jun 1998 12:01:17 -0500 (EST)

I have just returned from a conference in Washington DC and
am currently considering four different job possibilities as
a result. Two of the jobs are within academia, one is with a
public library, and the other is a with a library software
vendor called Innovative Interfaces Inc.

Innovative Interfaces tried to get me to sign a contract on
the spot, but I declined saying that I wanted to explore all
my options. They then offered me more money and a signing
bonus. I still decliined... now I have an all-expenses paid
trip to San Francisco from them so that I can fully explore
their company. The position they are wanting me to take is
that of Training Specialist. Essentially, I would "train the
trainers" in that I would travel to Universities and Colleges
in California and abroad and teach librarians and faculty members
how to use their product. It is right up my alley and lets me
combine my teaching background with my library background.
But, I digress...

My question for FoRK is this: How much of a salary should I
demand so that I can live comfortably in the Bay area? Their
offices are located in Emeryville... They seem to be offering
me good money, but the cost of living in San Fran is high (or
so I hear and my research is verifying this).

I have used the various "salary calculators" and whatnot that are
on the web to try and figure this out and my conclusion seems
to be that they are not offering me enough even though it is
WAY WAY more than I earn now.

So, I want to hear from people who actually live in the Bay
area... how much money do I need to demand when I get in to
final contract negotiations? I am prepared to play hardball
with them as I have other options and I don't want to sell
out for too little.

Any and all opinions are welcome!

Diva (who is thrilled at the prospect of getting the hell out
of Geneva and may just sell her soul to do so!)