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> > Did anyone on this list besides me catch this?

Ok, it seems no one did. So let me explain a little bit, then you can read
what the WWF, the promoting body had to say about it. I'm going to digitize
the footage and put it up also.

First a little background. There are essentially three Pro Wrestling orgs.
WCW (which is Ted Turner/Time Warner) WWF (which is Vince McMahon) and ECW

WCW is for the most part a recreation of WWF from the 80's. They have hired
all the talent that you have probably heard of (Hulk Hogan, Macho Man,
etc.) and have a ton of new talent. However the main guy that runs the show
Eric Bischoff is a uncreative idiot. I also personally feel Hogan has his
hand in it to a huge extent. However they freely spend Time Warners money.
Witness the upcoming Hogan-Rodman/DDP-Malone. For the Monday night event
where Rodman ditched his team meeting and showed up on WCW Nitro he was
paid $250,000. For that the NBA fined him $10K.

WWF is the old standard. They were almost put out of business by Hogan in
the late 80 when he turned states evidence against them on Steriod charges.
Their current champ "Stone Cold Steve Austin" is a new generation of champ.
Call him white trash, call him the blue collar champ, or call him just what
he is, an extremely charismatic persona. He regularly flips the bird on
national television, cusses as much as the censors will allow, and has no
respect for people in authority. Needless to say he is my favorite

ECW is an upstart league that prides itself on it's hardcore shows. WCW
being Time Warner has to keep it "kiddy safe" and WWF has been looking for
a new niche.

This all changed with Kind of the Ring, and the Hell in the Cell match.

It was simply put the most stunning thing I have ever witnessed. This one
matched pretty much shut down the ECW and I'm sure delivered the curtain
call to WCW. Nothing can compare. The match following this was the title
match featuring Stone Cold and Kane. It was like the Who following Jimi
Hendrix at Montery. It was a great match but your brain was simply in a
state of shock after Hell in the Cell.

The Undertaker a 7 foot 320 pound guy faced Mick Foley/Catcus Jack/Mankind.
The cell was a typical "cage match" That being a steel and chain link cage
16 feet high. I'll let you go read what the WWF reporter has to say about
it. They can't even believe it.



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