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For those of you FoRKer's who won't WISEN up,
you can always WACC yourself.

This conference is unique Rohit and Jim's
(and Roy's) advisor (and my soon to be
ex-advisor 8-) is the general chair *and*
it's sponsored by 4 SIG's which is pretty much
unprecedented in the general dog-eat-dog world
of finer academic quabbling.


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International Joint Conference
(WACC '99)

February 22-25, 1999

Cathedral Hill Hotel
San Francisco, California, USA

Sponsored by ACM Special Interest Groups
(pending final approval)

In Association with IEEE Technical Committee on Data Engineering
In Cooperation with International Software Process Association


WACC '99 brings together researchers and practitioners from a variety
of disciplines who are addressing or facing issues in work activities
coordination and collaboration. Various aspects of this topic have
been addressed previously under the separate banners of workflow,
software process, groupware, and computer-supported cooperative work.

WACC '99 provides a multi-purpose forum for the presentation,
discussion, and demonstration of key ideas in this important area.
Sessions presenting novel research results will be complemented by
tutorials, invited speakers, and demonstrations of industrial

Topics of interest include:

o Architectures o Mobility
o Case studies and experience o Modeling and execution
o Collaborative transactions o Organizational structures
o Consistency and inconsistency o Reengineering
o Coordination models o Resource utilization and reuse
o Exceptions and deviations o Scaling to the Internet
o Human interaction o Temporal constraints
o Interoperability o Tools and methods
o Metrics and measurement o Virtual corporations and communities


Paper Submissions

Three kinds of submissions are sought. EXPERIENCE REPORTS present the
application of some previously described idea in a real-world setting,
providing lessons and insights helpful in evaluating that idea.
SPECULATIVE PAPERS present a new idea that has not yet been fully
developed nor evaluated, but for which convincing arguments can be
made. RESEARCH PAPERS present technical or theoretical results that
have undergone significant refinement and substantive initial
evaluation. In all cases, papers will be judged for their
originality, significance, soundness, and clarity. Accepted papers
will be published in the WACC '99 Conference Proceedings.

Papers must be no longer than 20 single-sided, double-spaced pages,
typeset in no less than an 11 point font. Seven (7) copies should be
mailed to Alexander L. Wolf, Program Co-chair, at the address shown by
July 24. Hard copy submissions are required.

Submission of a paper to the conference constitutes a declaration by
all authors that it, or any substantially similar version, has not
been published, accepted for publication, nor submitted elsewhere.
Authors of accepted papers must sign a copyright release form before

Pre-submission Abstracts

Authors are required to submit abstracts via email in advance by July
17. Abstracts must include title, all authors, author affiliations,
and full contact information (email, phone, fax) for at least one
author. The kind of submission (experience report, speculative paper,
research paper) must be indicated. Abstracts must be submitted in
plain ascii text to wacc99@cs.colorado.edu.

Workshop and Tutorial Proposals

Proposals for small, interactive workshops to be held in conjunction
with the conference are welcome. Suggestions for either full-day or
half-day tutorials are also encouraged. Please send short proposals
(maximum three pages) for either workshops or tutorials to the
conference General Chair at the address shown by September 1.

* *
* Abstracts (email): July 17, 1998 *
* Full papers (post): July 24, 1998 *
* Workshop & tutorial proposals: September 1, 1998 *
* Acceptance notification: October 1, 1998 *
* Camera ready copy: November 17, 1998 *

General Chair Program Co-Chairs

Richard N. Taylor Dimitrios Georgakopoulos
Information and Computer Science MCC
University of California 3500 West Balcones Center Drive
Irvine, CA 92697-3425 USA Austin, Texas 78759-6509 USA
+1.949.824.6429 +1.512.338.3532
taylor@ics.uci.edu dimitris@mcc.com

Wolfgang Prinz
Schloss Birlinghoven
Industrial Liaison 53754 Sankt Augustin, Germany
Ming-Chien Shan, HP Labs wolfgang.prinz@gmd.de
Alexander L. Wolf
Steering Committee Department of Computer Science
ECOT 717, CB 430
Alfonso Fuggetta, Poli. Milano University of Colorado
Ral Medina-Mora, Action Tech. Boulder, CO 80309 USA
Marek Rusinkeiwicz, MCC +1.303.492.5263
Amit Sheth (Chair), Univ. Georgia alw@cs.colorado.edu

Program Committee

K. Aberer, GMD ISPI, Germany T. Inoue, Keio Univ., Japan
G. Alonso, ETH, Switzerland S. Kaplan, Univ. Queensland, AU
L. Bannon, Univ. Limerick, Ireland K. Kochut, Univ. Georgia, USA
C. Bussler, Boeing, USA A. McLean, Xerox, UK
A. Chichocki, MCC, USA L. Osterweil, Univ. Mass., USA
J. Cook, New Mexico State Univ., USA B. Pavard, Univ. P. Sabatier, France
G. de Michelis, Univ. Milan, Italy T. Rodden, Lancaster Univ., UK
K. Dittrich, Univ. Zurich, Switz. Y. Rogers, Sussex Univ,, UK
J. Estublier, Univ. Grenoble, France H. Schlichter, TU Munich, Germany
A. Finkelstein, Univ. College, UK K. Schmidt, Tech. Univ. Den., Denmark
A. Fuggetta, Poli. Milano, Italy L. Suchman, Xerox, USA
J. Grudin, Univ. California, USA K. Swenson, Netscape Com., USA
V. Gruhn, Univ. Dortmund, Germany A. Tsalgatidou, Univ. Athens, Greece
N. Guimaraes, Univ. Lisbon, Portugal G. Weikum, Univ. Saarland, Germany
K. Huff, GTE Laboratories, USA T. Winograd, Stanford Univ., USA

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