Riva Resnick (resnick@actcom.co.il)
Wed, 01 Jul 1998 23:24:33 +0300

Mark wanted cheapie travel arrangements to LAX for Jul 13-14.
Counting on Websaver is probably not a good idea - there are rarely sales
to LAX or SFO, those tend to be pretty booked usually.

My best suggestion would be shopping through the online services, travelocity
is good, but biztravel.com is my favourite. A cursory scan of biztravel
the following. Constraints I assumed were depart Sat. 11th to get the 'stay
over saturday' rate, and take a redeye back Tues night. If that's not what
you want, go hunt around on your own. [Stay over saturday means an
extra night accomodation needed, but if you don't want a hotel, perhaps
you could crash at someone's place for the weekend - eg JoeK's?]

Best deal seems to be united -
UA 3033 7/11 YOW-ORD
UA 109 7/11 ORD-LAX
UA 82 14/11 LAX-EWR
UA 3345 15/11 EWR-YOW
for $329.33 US - that's a pretty good deal, though converted to 68cent
bogusbucks, perhaps it's still a shocker ($483Can).

I'm not going. I had considered it, but I just got back to Israel yeserday,
still working off the jetlag,
and I have to go back to the states in 3 weeks. I thought of going a week
for this workshop, but that would have meant only 2weeks at home, instead
of 3, so I'm staying put.