Re: Rohit Reads Elle India

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 01 Jul 1998 18:53:24 -0700

> subscribe fork
> Hi. My name is Geege. I post scintillating
> commentary on topics about which I know
> little or nothing.
> I take comfort in the words of Irving Babbit:
> "Of course you can never be like us, but be
> as like us as you're able to be."
> I am 22 and I have 33 teeth. This should be
> especially significant to the cribbage players
> among you.

Well, Gina, welcome to the fold. What, precisely, is it you do that allows
such extending-onto-limbs on company time? Or investing on the edge?

And is it Whetgrrl out of sharpness, readiness, or silky-smooth abrasiveness?

Or is that the 33rd tooth, sharper than a serpent's?

For freakness' sake, herewith the entire subscribe dialog...

To: Gina Schuman <>
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 08:05:45 -0700
From: Rohit Khare <>

> subscribe fork


Welcome -- who ever you are. You certainly have kept an engimatic presence,
a mystery enhanced by the single useful resource AltaVista found in the
whole wide world:

In it, you refer to the Atlantic Monthly's online community; do you
happen to know Greg Bolcer there? For that matter, do you recognize
Berna Massingil in the computer science department at UFL?

And as for the subject matter of that posting, I must admit I'm almost
certainly at a greater loss to explain "Cyber-relationships,
communication, pressures, explorations beyond the sexual/sensual,
explanations beyond the psychobabble "

Anyhoo, the traditional welcome is to announce yourself to the group,
some paragraph or so about whatever your deal is, how you found FoRK,
or whatnot, and then sit back and enjoy, join in when you like.

Rohit Khare

PS. Personally, I will admit to being an avid reader of Elle India
whenever I'm there, since it's an ideal window into the world of the
new upper-middle-class Indian woman. Cosmo India is just regurgitated
pap, useless except for fashion tips.

From: Gina Schuman
To: Rohit Khare <>
Subject: Re:
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 11:48:17 -0400

I try to keep a very low profile.

[Well, now FoRK is just gonna ruin that... -Ed.]

Yes, I know Greg Bolcer. He has a pair of my
panties. I post rabidly in the P&R of the AU;
I feel their editors owe me an AU t-shirt for the
thread-enhancing properties of my commentary.

As for for my blah-blah, it doesn't pretend to
be anything other than.

You know what - I'd rather subscribe from my
home account. Would you mind unsubscribing
me from the NERDC account (I've lost my Internet
privileges at work before - ask Bolcer) and
allow me to subscribe from home?