TRAVELMAN: Fourth of July in Seattle

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 01 Jul 1998 19:23:43 -0700

[Punchline: who's up for a party in Seattle on Saturday?]

Adam quoth:
> So okay, Rohit, despite the fact that you're now only the
> eighth-most-frequent poster to FoRK, you win: I'm actually working on my
> survey again after a brief, well-needed respite... Hopefully I'll have
> SOMETHING for you before I leave on Friday for Vegas, baby.

And in truth, I don't trust you one whit. So on the heels of our latest three
hour WISEN planning bash, I'm storming right up there to set you straight and
get this forty-minute operetta buffo off the ground.

You have a lot riding on it.
As for me, I already stocked the bar at your apartment, and I want my money's


$440 of Critical Supplies for a Weekend in Seattle

6-pack of Widmer Hefewizen
6-pack of Hale's Pale Ale
6-pack of Cider Jack
6-Pack of One-Eyed Jack (a raspberry *malt liquor* :-()
big bag of Rold Gold pretzels
tube of fat-free Pringles

That lasted one night. So the next day we went shopping.
12-pack of Widmer Hefewizen
12-pack of Corona
6-pack of Belgian white ale
6-pack of raspberry Cider Jack
6-pack of Cider Jack
40-oz of German honey lager
18-pack of MGD (for guests)
poker chips and playing cards

And for good measure, 1L or 1.75L each of
Popov vodka,
Monarch Bay white rum,
Monarch Bay dark rum,
Chateaux triple sec,
Seagram's dry gin,
Tullamore Dew,
Sauza Tres Generaciones tequila,
DiSaronno amaretto,
Barenjager honey liquer,
1996 Hogue Riesling
1995 Hogue Merlot

And a half-dozen more bags of Olestra-based salties ;-)

And it isn't even my own bachelor pad...


So, as it stands, I've just bought a $109 special from Ontario to Seattle.
(It's my second online ticket purchase, and I still haven't bought a dime from
Amazon or anyone else :-)

Alaska Airlines
Confirmation UFO FUA
July 4 #531 ONT 0630 SEA 0857
July 8 #482 SEA 2107 ONT 2329

Adam's in Vegas in the meantime, so I'm fishing for activities on the Fourth.
Any volunteers/victims/partners-in-crime?


PS. Adam, where should you leave your car keys at the airport? The red capet
club is a big hassle away from Alaska's gates, but it seems to be the only
option... unless you see one of those baggage lockers that uses a combination
lock we can use as a drop-site. Or you could leave it in a pew at the
Meditation Room:

Actually, the correct answer is Baggage Storage (a/k/a Key Escrow):
Under escalator between Baggage Claim Carousels 9 and 12. Also available:
and refrigerated food storage; portable battery, tool and Lock-Jack rental;
pet sitting; baby car seat and stroller rental; ****key holding;**** ticket
pick-up; photocopying; fax; notary public; UPS and Federal Express; and
package wrapping services. 5:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. daily.