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-> I would like to invite you to join IDG Spotlight keynoters Barry
-> Diller, Joe Nacchio, Rob Glaser, Walter Forbes, Launny Steffens and a
-> combustible mix of some of the sharpest and most articulate innovators in
-> the interactive media business this July 19-21 at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel
-> in Laguna Niguel, California.
-> If you're interested in how entrepreneurs, financiers and institutions
-> are redefining and refining the trade-offs that shape their business models
-> in the new media space, then I think this is the conference you want to
-> attend. I believe the interactive media industry needs a conference that's
-> at least as interactive as it is... We believe in conversation; not
-> presentation. In fact, we're the only conference in the world that actually
-> rewards attendees for asking the most useful, most evocative and most
-> (usefully) provocative questions.
-> This is my second year producing the IDG Spotlight conference and I'm
-> happy to report that this year's blend of people and topics promises to
-> deliver the sort of actionable insights that will change how you think
-> about the business you're in and the creative choices you make. From
-> Hollywood marketing to 'Netucation' to the future of customization - from
-> portals to links to human capital issues - from auctions to incentive
-> programs - we've got the wedge issues and their most articulate champions
-> identified and represented.
-> In essence, if you want to have the best people in the industry
-> profitably sharpen your new media agenda, then I think Spotlight offers a
-> terrific value. Not incidentally, you'll enjoy the setting almost as much
-> as you'll enjoy your fellow attendees.
-> I look forward to seeing you there.
-> Michael Schrage
-> Executive Producer
-> To register or for more information
-> visit us on the web at www.spotlight.com
-> or call 1-800-633-4312 or 650-312-0649

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