RE: TRAVELMAN: Fourth of July in Seattle

CobraBoy! (
Wed, 1 Jul 1998 19:56:36 -0700

At 7:23 PM -0700 7/1/98, Rohit Khare came up with this:

> [Punchline: who's up for a party in Seattle on Saturday?]
> Adam quoth:
> > So okay, Rohit, despite the fact that you're now only the
> > eighth-most-frequent poster to FoRK, you win: I'm actually working on my
> > survey again after a brief, well-needed respite... Hopefully I'll have
> > SOMETHING for you before I leave on Friday for Vegas, baby.
> And in truth, I don't trust you one whit. So on the heels of our latest
> hour WISEN planning bash, I'm storming right up there to set you straight
> get this forty-minute operetta buffo off the ground.
> You have a lot riding on it.
> As for me, I already stocked the bar at your apartment, and I want my
> worth...

Dude, your going to the great white North on July 4th? Don't you know about
HB on the 4th? We're planning some big happenings starting at the

Well have fun anyway.



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