Re: [VOID] Pandapeople

Rohit Khare (
Sat, 04 Jul 1998 02:33:09 -0700

Ron --

Minor point: don't expect echo-back posts from FoRK; it's a sendmail alias
that suppresses bounceback to the sender address if the sender's on the list...

nice post -- I, for one, don't find it ironic in the least you're comparison
shopping and returnig stuff at a store oh, 18,000 miles from home -- it's like
Dan Kohn note dryly that he read the Economist a day "early" for a month
because he kept passing through Heathrow on Fridays :-)

And as for that schoolteacher from vermont, I'll add it to the list of ways
the universe mocks me -- by passing all these situations along to my friends

[PS. Sorry, but I literally haven't even read this until just now, and that's
only because I'm "cleaning house" to catch a flight in a four hours. Sorry,
too, I haven't been able to get my head around the transactions question
Joebar asked, and that's even after spending a day with Joe!

The neglect is definitely not personal; there's a real opportunity afoot on
with event notification protocols...]

I did read 22A&B, and it was hilarious. I clipped it for Adam, whose Michelle
is about as far away from that woman as, well, womanly possible...

And as for long road trips, I hope to one day feel your pain :-)

It really is hard to imagine rootedness at this point. True, last month I was
mighty pissed at Adam for dragging my stay in Seattle out by a week and making
me cancel a date with in Santa Monica, but it didn't work out in the end,
anyway. You just can't get all that upset about missing a mere hot date with a
wife & kids. Nor, for that matter, parents. I've been flying on my own since I
was 9, and 'left home' at 12.

Heck, with the cellphone, I've finally even weaned them off of having to
continuously update them with each flight reservation and arrival and
here's-my-hotel-number-for-the-night :-)

aVOIDing work,