I wanted to register the fact...

Rohit Khare (rohit@fdr.ICS.uci.edu)
Sat, 04 Jul 1998 04:40:02 -0700

... that I am very very very pissed. I just read through *1500* emails
and had over a dozen replies queued in various stages when the LAME x
UI decided to log me out with out any confirmation box.

(you press the button on the desktop and it's an instand menu; click low enough
on the desktop, it "helpfully" moves the menu up to fit on the screen, leaving
the pointer poised directly over... "Exit X11". Piece of SHIT! I HATE

This has happened twice tonight, swallowing mega-forkposts replying to the last
month of traffic and lots of people who think I must be ignoring them.

Mind you, exmh deserves blame too, for not snapshotting the state of
drafts. Nor using emacs as a default editor (yes, Klassa, I know I
could config that...) I HATE PROGRAMMER INTERFACES! I *am* one, and I
wouldn't inflict my hacks on users...


PS. It was a doozy, keying off of my time at the Ani DiFranco concert
last night, sidewalk's review of her underwear (or lack thereof), a
detailed history of the 777 for Ron, a secret double-miles on all
United flights offer, and a slew of other reply bits culminating in a
VOIDbit about what happened at Sid's the night before for two hours
*after* the bar closed with me & three nubile waitresses... but oh
well, no one wanted to hear that stuff anyway :-) Off to SEA...