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<< Subj: Car Point top ten
Date: 98-07-07 23:06:47 EDT
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for June 98

1. Honda Accord
2. Ford Explorer
3. Toyota Camry
4. Honda Civic
5. Toyota Sienna
6. Dodge Caravan
7. Dodge Durango
8. Ford Expedition
9. Honda CR-V
10. Ford F-150

One might notice the number of Trucks/SUV's in the list.

And how *is* project Pathfinder doing? Thanks for asking. It's doing fine.
Stage 1 is completed. I will be taking pictures of it soon enough. And the
Cobra? Thanks again for asking. It's parked with a cover over it. Fired it
up for a few minutes Sunday to keep the coking from starting on the engine.
First time in 3 weeks.

I was looking for Meguire's homepage (because you send in facts about your car
- make, model, year, color, where you live and where you park - and they will
send you personalized washing/waxing tips) and found these:

No luck on the homepage.

Message: "US Demand"
Written by Geege on Sat Jun 6 02:02:06 1998
Written to (Atlantic Monthly)

Ya know what blows me away? That there is enough US demand for luxury SUV's
that Lexus is coming out with 2 NEW models. There are so many of these $50K-
plus "all terrain" vehicles ON - not OFF - the road now that crash tests are
being done to determine what kind of damage these land yachts can do to the
average sedan. Safety ratings are being established based solely on the

The findings are used by insurance companies who will now want to charge me
more to insure my VW Golf because I am more likely to sustain serious injury
in a crash with an SUV, more of which are finding their way into usage for
driving the kids to school on city streets. Small trucks are not faring any
better than sedans in crash tests with heavier SUV's and their insurance is
likely to go up as well. What's worse is that these larger vehicles are more
often the CAUSE of the accidents due to
their poor maneuverability on the road.

Personally, I don't care whether these SUV's are all owned by city dweebs who
never take them through their (offroad) paces - it's a free world. I'm just
flabbergasted that so many can afford them!