Re: Bluetooth -- Proto-Munchins?

Mark Baker (
Thu, 09 Jul 1998 14:41:30 +0000

Jim Whitehead wrote:
> So, while sipping my coffee this morning and reading IEEE Spectrum's Newslog
> column, a brief piece on a technology called "Bluetooth" caught my eye.

Old bits, old bits!! No kudos for you!

> As you might expect from "Spread Spectrum News", they absolutely *love*
> Bluetooth. The article also notes that other companies have signed on to
> develop Bluetooth applications, companies like Motorola, Qualcomm, 3COM
> Palm, VLSI and Lucent. Hmm, sounds like it has pretty strong support.

Yeah, but unfortunately they're not looking to take anybody else on the
project. They're only actively seeking "adopters". 8-( Gee, you'd
think they'd welcome a JVM on board, but noooooo ...

I take it - by Rohit's comment - that Intel's taking the lead on much of
this, though I also know Siemens is playing a large role. Anybody know
any more? How about contact info other than the canned ones you get in
response to enquiries to the email addresses on their web site?

> So, the question in my mind is whether this Bluetooth technology can be
> adapted to create multiple simultaneous one-way connections between
> Bluetooth devices, and hence act as a testbed for Munchins ideas.

That's "Munch*k*ins".

And speaking of Palm, the founders are leaving.


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