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Thanks very much for your gracious send-off for the new column!

The nature of the necks is precisely what I'm trying to puzzle out, too. At
this point, it appears to be ripe for a new sort of 'application layer
datagram', some hybrid of mail and the web that allows chunks of
representations of resources-anchored-in-urlspace to float across the net. It
means untying the synchronous knot that binds requests and replies.

And yes, I'm glad to give Stef his due on this one -- it's been a pleasure
bouncing ideas off of him over the years...

As far as where the column will go, there's no shortage of new l7 protocols to
be analyzed once we plow through past history. I just ran across a proposal
for "Virtual Reality TP" this week...!

enterprise that has to sustain itself based on my own interest in the topic,
my own need to research and write these things. Of course, the latest one I
filed, on FTP, only printed about 5% of my draft notes on the topic; the hard
work behind these may never be fully visible, but I know that there are
readers, clients whom I'm obligated to get all the facts straight for.

I'm glad you're out there!

| Rohit,
| I was pleased to see the debut of your column in the March-April issue of
| Internet Computing (I'm a little behind in my journals ;-) I was likewise
| glad to see Stef's "double-hourglass" model. The nature of the "narrow
| points" in this model has been one of my recurring themes to clients over the
| years.
| I look forward to seeing where you take the column.
| Chris
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