Re: "Perl is the duct tape of the Internet" and other musings

Brad Cox (
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 10:44:06 -0400

At 08:17 PM -0400 07/09/1998, Ernest Prabhakar wrote:
>This may be an odd request, but have you ever looked at the Yellow Box and
>EOF for database stuff? A very powerful Java-based development
>environment. A couple of the database vendors provide free low-cost
>versions you could use. It'll even run on Windows, as well as natively on
>both Pentiums and G3s via Rhapsody (now Mac OS X Server). Perversely
>enough, you could even do it in Objective-C (or at least our variant
>Let me know if you're interested. For you, I could probably work
>something out.

No, I'm not aware, and you bet I'm interested! What's the next step?

PS: Where did your EOE (educational object economy) CTO (dang it; what's
his name?) wind up? Heard he's left Apple. Wanted to thank him for getting
me into the EOE stuff.

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