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Tim Byars (
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 20:07:03 -0700

At 7:36 PM -0700 7/10/98, David Crook came up with this:

> Tim, you can try to hide it all you like, but you have sold out big time.
> You might as well start picking out a townhouse in Irvine or Aliso Viejo.
> :-)
> Dave

El contr=E9 Dave.

Top 10 reasons that Project Pathfinder is not a sell out.

10) BF Goodrich Radial AT off road tires.
9) Rancho RS-9000 off road shocks
8) no leather
7) no electric windows
6) no sun roof
5) broken rear flares from actually off road adventures
4) limo tint on all legal windows
3) 500 Watt Kohler poweramp, bridged mono, driving a 10" ported tube in the
back, playing annoyingly loud
2) 31 x 11.50 off road tire with cheap Pep Boys 4x4 cover in place of stock

And the number one reason that Project Pathfinder is not a sell out.




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