Re: "Perl is the duct tape of the Internet" and other musings

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Sat, 11 Jul 1998 11:36:28 -0700

At 11:10 AM -0700 7/11/98, Sundar Narasimhan came up with this:

> It is curious, though, that free databases are less common than, say,
> free web servers. I think it's because most hackers think databases
> are kind of boring - who'd want to spend so much time creating a
> database program?
> Nah. The real reason is that not many universities teach about
> databases and "production computer science". You'd be surprised how
> many candidates for a job at our company flunk the "what's an 'outer
> join'" question or struggle to use order/group by's correctly.
> Academic database researchers have a history of barking up wrong
> trees. If I were at gnu I'd urge someone write a query plan
> optimizer. Without the foundations all you'll have are b-tree file
> space hacks.
> And don't get me wrong -- when I graduated, I thought databases were
> really slightly-smarter-hashtables too :).

One might want to check out the Internet Movie Database. I believe it runs
all freeware.



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