Is this for real?

Ron Resnick (
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 07:41:39 -0400

Dr. Byars,

what's your expert opinion -
(a) is this just a novel way of getting attention for a porn site?
(i.e. is it a scam?)
(b) is this shrewd, 90s manipulation of a cynical web audience,
looking for something different? What happens after August 8th-
do these kids market themselves as hip entrepeneurial consultants,
and charge mucho mula to corporates on how to advertise & sell
using the new media? (i.e. is it a scam?)
(c) or is this as naive and innocent as they'd like you to believe?
(i.e. is it not a scam, in which case I'm bored with it and
want no part of it.)