John M. Klassa (
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 16:19:44 -0400

A testimonial, by way of followup to Rob's message about VNC.

Almost as soon as I read Rob's message, I went out and snagged a copy
of VNC. I thought it was cool, to be sure, but didn't think I'd use it
very often. Today, I found a great use for it.

I'm in a three-day training class on Verilog. The class machines are
X-terminals. I thought, hey, rather than run stuff here, I'll just run
a VNC server on the machine on my desk and run a client here. So I
did. Then, the power went out (a Coke truck hit a power pole nearby).
The class machines went down fairly soon thereafter (small UPS on the
machines they're hosted on, I guess), but my desktop machine stayed up.
After the power came back on (an hour later), I logged in afresh on the
X-terminal, ran the VNC client, and there were all of my windows, just
the way I'd left them. The power outage had no effect.

When the class was over, I logged out of the X-terminal and went back to
my desk... All of the windows I was using for the class are still right
where they were, and will still be there tomorrow morning when class is
ready to resume.

Too cool...

John Klassa / Alcatel Telecom / Raleigh, NC, USA <><