Re: [FoRKcon] SoCal: Tonight @ Sid's, 8PM Newport Beach

Geege (
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 18:31:57 EDT

Too bad I didn't know - I might have stayed over. As it was,
Rohit, I tried to talk to you but YOU IGNORED ME. That was
me over in the corner with mustard on my red Versace - NOW
do you remember?

Newport Beach was crowded, even at 9 pm, but real pleasant.
Great reception on the cell phone, even in the sand.
Too bad I had to catch a flight out at 10:00 but thank god for
frequent flier miles.


BTW - the veggies tasted sandy.

In a message dated 98-07-13 17:32:01 EDT, you write:

<< In veiled homage to the first FoRKcon a year ago this week at
Joe & Juliet Barrera's home, I announce a WISENcon at Sid's
tonight, Monday July 13 at 8PM.

[Actually, I suck, since I made reservations for 10 on the
flight back from Seattle last Wednesday, but was just too lazy
to get around to posting the news until today.]

Sid's phone number is 714-650-7437, but don't call for directions;
you won't get any. This dive's slogan is "Don't Tell Nobody" and
they mean it -- no salt-and-pepper shakers, subtlety or vegetarian
fixin's. My kind of character all around...

It's on Old Newport Blvd, parallel to the 55 fwy, one block east
of Hoag Memorial Hospital.

From the north, take 55 South, a left on Industrial Way and an
immediate right onto Old Newport. Look for the sandblasted-off
rusty sign and the condemnation notice on the door.

From Pacific Coast Highway, you're screwed, since construction blocked
the on-ramp to 55N. But if you do manage it, take a right on Hospital
Road, and then an immediate left at the stop sign (Old Newport).

Nikki's already called dibs on our table, so come as raucous as you
like and prepare to tip well, just in case I ever do get up the
nerve to ask her out :-)


PS. Confirmed victims (all male :-()
Jim, Roy, Greg, Henrik, Dan, Doug, Adam, Mark, Yaron, Josh, Sonu,
Hugo, and CobraBoy in Project Pathfinder...
Come one, come all, we'll squeeze more in!